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Bestselling author, successful businessman and advisor to some of the world’s largest multi-national corporations shows you how to make better decisions in work and in life.

The decision-making epidemic

Why we keep getting it wrong

How to make the best
decision every time



7 most common
decision-making mistakes

Medical choices

C-suite executives & boards of directors

This is not your typical self-help book.
Learn how to:

  • Challenge “but we’ve always done it that way” by reading about the successful football coach who never punts
  • Set and achieve realistic deadlines
  • Balance your “gut” reaction with a more thoughtful process
  • Check with Abraham Lincoln before you hit the “send” button on the email or tweet
  • Determine acceptable risk vs. unacceptable risk
  • Recognize why you made bad decisions in the past
  • Assess the strength of your underlying assumptions
  • Train yourself to spot predictive patterns
  • Use “probabilities” to have a laser-like focus on your true goal
  • Recognize that money is never the solution but merely a tool for implementation
  • Make better decisions in all areas of your life

About the book

Choosing the “best” option is the goal, but it is not a decision-making process.

Maximize your chances... get what you want by making the right decision, every time. Never Be Wrong Again combines over ten years of research, decades of experience with influential decision makers, and original analysis. The result is a user-friendly guide to making better decisions, more efficiently. This four-point framework for successful decision making gives readers a proven formula to improve decision-making skills and results immediately.

How do you go about
making important decisions?

Do you go with your gut reaction? Do you make Pro vs. Con lists? Do you consider all of the options and then choose the best one? Choosing the “best” option is the goal of good decision making, but it is NOT a plan on how to achieve your goal.

Learn how to tackle major
decisions in life and at work

Whether to get married, how to invest your money, how to approach medical choices, and best practices for boards of directors. Using a clear blueprint and real life examples, Never Be Wrong Again will help you make any decision better with confidence and consistency, from the boardroom table to the kitchen table.

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Table of Contents

Section 1 - How We Decide Now

You are Here

The 7 most common decision-making mistakes. Even the smartest, most accomplished people in the world are vulnerable.

Non-Thinking Crisis Response

Fight or Flight & The Amygdala Hijack Why there is “road rage” even in boardrooms.

Non-Thinking Gut Reactions

Don’t buy a car until after you’ve read the section “Lessons from Ron Burgundy”

Thinking Lightly

Thinking We Are Thinking. This is why you need a real plan on “how to” make a decision.

Thinking Deeply

There is a natural biological aversion to this. When the stakes are high, especially when you are out of your zone of competency, this is where you need to be. Being smart is NOT a zone of competency.

Section 2 - The Four-point Framework for Making Better Decisions


How to set and achieve realistic deadlines. When to think, when to rethink, and when to finally conclude.


Understanding the deeper meaning of balance in a decision. When to walk away when the cost or risk is too high, regardless of the goal.


Best-case scenarios versus reality. Expected outcomes and moving forward using backwardization. Determining your real goal.

Pattern Recognition

Connecting the dots. Correlation, relevance, causation. Learn from the French, Italians and Japanese. What the relationship between eating sushi and approval of same-sex marriage can teach you.

Section 3 - The Framework in Action

  • Legalizing marijuana
  • Getting married
  • The Oakland A’s and Moneyball
  • United States of Moneyball
  • Education in America
  • Playing the lottery
  • Advice for Silicon Valley
  • Should we go to war?
  • Investments and investors
  • Medical decisions


You really can never be wrong again. You are wrong when your decision-making process is flawed. A better process drives better results, optimizing your chances to get the result you want and leading you to the right decision every time.

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Michael Angelo Costa is a lawyer, investment banker, and bestselling author with more than 33 years of international business experience.

He has held senior executive positions with two of the largest global investment banks and was a partner at one of the world’s largest advisory firms. As a partner with Ernst & Young, Michael held several leadership roles, including Chairman of the Capital Markets Think Tank. He left to join UBS, where he was co-head of the Global Structured Products Group.

He returned back to Ernst & Young, and after retiring from the firm, joined Deutsche Bank as Managing Director. He currently serves as Special Counsel to the law firm of Miller & Chevalier. Michael holds B.A., M.B.A., J.D., and LL.M. degrees and prior to his first job, his resume simply read: Born. Went to school. Still there.

Michael is a frequent lecturer to industry groups on numerous topics, including optimization of organizational and personal decision making.

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